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True innovation is hard. While many good ideas exist, most go unrealized, as the road to create something unprecedented requires unwavering commitment and passion. Here at Klin Tobacco we harnessed that passion, married it with our knowledge of spirits production and created an unmatched cigar experience for the Scotch enthusiast. We call this experience The Caleanoch.

Begining in 2012 we set sail on our journey with only one question; how do you develop and blend a series of cigars that match the diversity and elegance of Scotch whiskey? Attempt after attempt after attempt, we simply could not find a mix of tobaccos that would accomplish our goal. Yet, with unwavering passion, we pressed on.

Having experimented with more than 27 tobacco combinations, we soon realized we would have to develop something new. What we were searching for simply did not exist within the realm of traditional tobacco growing. So we had to develop it.

We were in search of a tobacco that would deliver the crisp salt air and rich earthy elements the rough-hewn Scottish Landscape is known for. These elements are what make Scotch whiskey uniquely engaging and sought after. To accomplish this goal we had to challenge ourselves further. We are pleased to tell you our efforts have come to fruition. We humbly welcome you to The Caleanoch, the world’s first peat fired cigar.

"Today's rain is tomorrow's whiskey."

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Portfolio Strengths

The Caleanoch is available in three peat strengths. The mild peated version we call 25, with 25% of the filler being comprised of peat fired tobacco. For the more adventurous peat lover we also offer 50% and 75% peat strengths. Both of these additions will be realsed in 2016


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